LOVE AT DUSK POP UP. Thank you @johncullenlighting for creating the beautiful atmosphere that allowed us to highlight the unique textures and finishes of each of our pieces #BlueHourArmchair #LoveatDusk

The Love at Dusk launch event was an immersive tale of artistry, craft and glamorous elevated living. Discover our debut furniture collection by following the link in our bio. #MidnightSofa #LoveatDusk @larrywalshe #flowerwall

For more details on the Love at Dusk collection follow the link in our Bio #HorizonConsole #LoveatDusk

We transformed our studio in Knightsbridge for our exclusive ‘Love at Dusk’ launch event. The collection is available for viewing until the 16th November. By appointment only. #LoveatDusk #taylorhowesdesigns

Unexpected moments from our VIP Launch Party as we unveiled our debut collection of furniture #LoveatDusk #IndigoSkiesCabinet

LOVE AT DUSK POP-UP. Design + creativity at it’s most expressive as the ‘Love at Dusk’ collection comes to life for a 9-room exhibition, referencing wonder and magic. Watch this space for more behind the scene shots of our exclusive launch event #loveatdusk.

LOVE AT DUSK. The sensual colour palette for our capsule collection conjures that emphemeral time of the day including rich midnight blue. #MidnightSofa #ShadowSideTable #DuskTubChair

LOVE AT DUSK. Our debut collection references that time of day when the world glows with wonder and elemental magic. #MidnightSofa #IndigoSkiesCoffeeTable #ShadowSideTable #DuskTubChair

LOVE AT DUSK. Designs enhance the character of a room individually or create an extraordinary scheme as a complete set

LOVE AT DUSK. Elegant lines and simple geometric shapes are juxtaposed with superlative finishes. #ShadowSideTable

LOVE AT DUSK. Our furniture collection possesses the essential aspects of the brand: original spirit and visual references that are truly beautiful and unexpected

LOVE AT DUSK. We selected specialist artisans to develop exquisite handcrafted finishes including gold-thread ombre and hand dyed parchment. #IndigoSkiesCoffeeTable

LOVE AT DUSK. Each piece conceived by Taylor Howes' in-house designers expresses timeless elegance. #IndigoSkiesCabinet #SonnetBench

LOVE AT DUSK. Thirteen collectable pieces. Part story-telling, part art. #IndigoSkiesCabinet #SonnetBench

LOVE AT DUSK. A tale of artistry, craft and glamorous elevated living. Discover our debut furniture collection. #HorizonConsole

We loved using this oversized lamp in the design of this family room come study | #studydesign #oversized

When presented with a client who is lucky enough to own a wonderful collection of art, we often use the artwork as the starting point in our designs. This Kensington client had an eclectic collection of pieces that provided the perfect canvas on which to prepare our schemes | #artanddesign #artcollection

We designed this show apartment for an existing client who was keen to achieve an elegant yet comforting home for potential purchasers. By keeping the design simple, we were able to highlight the unique joinery features | #knightsbridgeproperty #showapartment

It is hugely important that our designs stand the test of time. Six years on this Primrose Hill living room is as elegant and current now as it was when we designed it | #timelessdesign #sustainability

By the end of each project, we know our client's inside and out - from what side of the bed they sleep on, whether they like to fold or hang their shirts to how many bags their are in their handbag collections. When designing bespoke wardrobes, we measure each item to ensure that everything fits perfectly | #wardrobedesign #walkinwardrobe #bespokewardrobe