Instantly recognisable as the backdrop that features in the James Bond film, Skyfall, we cannot help but feel slightly haunted when we look at pictures of the island Hashima.

Located an hour away from the port of Nagasaki in Japan, Hashima was bought in 1890 by Mitsubishi as a base for their latest underwater coal mining facility. Having built a large number of concrete apartment blocks for workers to live in, it was not long before the island became the most densely populated place on earth with the equivalent of 83,5000 people per square kilometre living in close proximity to each other.

The inhabitation of the island however was short lived. As the decline in the coaling industry swept across the country the usage of the islands mines decreased and eventually ceased. Today the island stands empty, a ghost town, visited only by a small number of tourists and photographers, each eager to catch a glimpse of the town that survived less that a century.