Designer Footballs

It is safe to say that some people out there who are going to be very sad that the World Cup 2014 draws to a close this weekend. And then there will be others who will be very pleased to wave goodbye to the constant stream of football that has been blaring out of our televisions for the last month.

Whilst we may be feeling slightly out-footballed, we are always appreciative when international sporting events entice the good and the great of the fashion world into a new spectrum of design. Organised by Adidas, who brought us the Stella McCartney designed sport wears range at the Olympics, an eclectic collection of thirty one designers have created their own take on the World Cup football. With designs from renowned designers such as Missoni, Cavalli and Marni, the footballs were auctioned on ebay last month in aid of the Gol de Letra Foundation.