Patrick Mavros Free-Standing Sculptures

Whilst most traditional artist stories tell a tale of a passion for an art form that started in early childhood, it wasn’t until Patrick Mavros was looking for a unique present for his new wife that he stumbled across a talent that would enable him to become one of the most internationally renowned jewellers of our time.

Twenty five years later and the thoughtful idea for a loved one┬áhas turned into a collection of over 450 individual silver animal pieces, each one hand-moulded using Mavros’ unique sculpting technique.

From ladies bangles and earrings, to mens cufflinks and dress studs, the thought and passion that goes into each design is immediately apparent and ultimately is the key selling point for each piece. When it comes to objet however, it is the free-standing sterling silver sculpture collections that leave us scrabbling around for genuine reasons as to why we need three more meerkats to add to our already large collection. The collection, which ventures further out of Africa to include penguins and polar bears, oozes character making it near impossible to not want to add to your collection each time a new design is developed.