Boozy Eton Mess

We are eternally thankful to Heart Home Magazine for introducing us to this delicious recipe from the Meringue Girls. The perfect quick and easy pudding for Christmas holidays entertaining or in case you are like us and can’t wait that long, the perfect accompaniment to your fireworks party this weekend.


1/2 batch of meringue girls mixture – Pink food colouring – 2x tbs freeze-dried raspberries – 1 pomegranate (seeds bashed out for garnish) – 2 tbs freeze dried raspberries for garnish

For the Brandy cream : 500ml cream – 2 tbs icing sugar – Big splash of brandy (to your taste)

For the clementines : 4 clementines (pealed and segmented) – 300mls Cointreau

Pre-heat your oven to 100°C. Line a flat baking tray with parchment – Using your 2 tbs of freeze-dried raspberries ground into a fine powder, fold into your meringue mixture until just combined – Paint the inside of your piping bag with natural pink food colouring, spoon mixture into your piping bag, cut the tip and start piping – Once you have piped out all your Raspberry kisses, place in the oven – Start by soaking your clementines. Pour the Cointreau into a bowl with the clementine segments – Stir insuring all of the segments are coated with the alcohol, cover and leave to soak in the fridge for at least 2 hours (even better over night) – Then onto the brandy cream. Pour the cream into a mixing bowl with the icing sugar – Whisk until just thick being very careful not to over mix – Add a big splash of brandy and fold into the whipped cream with a spoon – Plate up and enjoy!