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In this September’s issue of FT How To Spend It, Lucia van der Post, columnist and editor of Great British Brands and founding editor of FT How to Spend It, chose Taylor Howes as one of those designs living by this unrelenting infusion of personality. She interviewed the co-founder and CEO of interior design, Karen Howes, identifying Taylor Howes as a leading example of the rise of luxury interior design furniture collections, unquestionably linked from the studio design aesthetic to their end products, which are pictured in the article. 

Karen discusses in the interview how her Taylor Howes furniture designs were born out of a lack of pieces that were just right. In response to her inability to find the perfect coffee table, Karen made an ombré lacquer finish and tailor designed piece, followed by the India Skies coffee table, which Karen describes as “two tables in one”. She strives to achieve what she describes as the clients’ desire for “carefully considered pieces with an unexpected edge”, noting that “the fad for fast fashion in interiors is over”. 

The 13 pieces in Howes’ inaugural collection, Love at Dusk, really encapsulates the goal of matching luxury design’s furniture and the look and feel of the brand itself. The next batch of designs, which will be launched next Spring, are based on Karen’s new house and will incorporate lots of soft timbers.