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Content and social media is one of the biggest tools we have currently, to not only battle the isolation of unfamiliar times, but to also help support one another as an industry in the hope we can all get through this difficult time.

Nobody understands the power of content and its ability to connect and unite people better than Jo James, founder of branding agency One Menagerie, who breathe life into brands through emotive storytelling, digital innovation and strategic positioning. Jo spoke with up-and-coming artist, Lily Adele to gain some insight to her career, artwork and creative process.

Growing up deep in the English countryside, garden and woodland birds were part of Lily’s everyday life; their importance, rhythm and connection to the natural world enjoying an almost ethereal status among family conversations and pass times. As a muse of Lily’s art, their freedom and spontaneity mirror her expression of creativity – tapping into beautiful, wild and imaginary worlds.

After graduating from Leeds College of Art and moving to London to work for a prominent interior designer, Lily founded her Lincolnshire-based art studio in 2018. Inspired by lavishly decorated ceremonial garments of India and South Asia, Lily has developed a unique method for assembling her art. Recycled fabric swatches, saree off-cuts, ribbons, silks and velvets are selected to form carefully considered portraits, celebrating every bird’s individual, vivid colours and iridescent feathers. Working directly onto glass, each bird’s portrait is encased within museum-quality glass to preserve their vibrancy and beauty for a lifetime.

Lily’s interpretation of textures, colours and patterns follow the great journey of birds from around the world; from African Hoopoe’s, Barn Owls, Peacocks, Fire-tailed Finches, Japanese Crane’s, Lilac-breasted Rollers to Hummingbirds. Bespoke commissions are also available so that clients can choose a bird that is completely personal to their own garden, memories or paradise.

In a little over two years, Lily’s art has already been selected for exhibition at Fortnum & Mason and private commissions include a multiple arrangement of birds for one of Taylor Howes’ private clients.

When asked what creativity means to her Lily replied, “My creativity is born from nature and it’s awe-inspiring work. Take the nature of feathers – beautiful structures that have evolved over millennia; shine iridescent in the sunlight and are utterly unique”.

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This article was guest written by Jo James, Founder of One Menagerie.