Spotlight On: Illustrator Poppy Waddilove

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The Taylor Howes team first fell in love with Poppy’s artwork and her style, when discovering the sheer volume of explosive colours and fluid brushstrokes in her interior design illustration series. Poppy, is a self-employed beauty, fashion and lifestyle illustrator.

Founding her studio just over five years ago, her commission experience is expansive, from magazine covers to working for luxury brands and at live events.

Perhaps one of her most publicised pieces working for VOGUE on its Golden Globes coverage. In a digital feature, Poppy was enlisted to bring the looks-to-life creating real time illustrations of the dresses and stars, staying up throughout the night to watch it unfold live and filming the creative process at the same time. Speaking on it, Poppy added “it was one of the most exhausting but rewarding evenings”.

Through her work Poppy demonstrates the close link between the worlds of fashion and interiors and it could be said through her illustrations she evokes a feeling of a lifestyle lived.

A fan of her work in particular is the iconic fashion designer, Peter Dundas. Known in the fashion world for starting his career with Jean Paul Gaultier, arguably one the greatest designers outside of Christian Dior for paying homage to the female form, his career has spanned Pucci, Cavalli and now his own label, Dundas (which famously exploded onto the scene adorning Beyoncé). It is little wonder with a career in houses known for colour, boldness and fluidity, and a foundation working for Gaultier that Dundas chose Poppy to be part of his fashion illustration exhibition at Art Basel MIAMI.

Poppy’s work marries Dundas’ own relationship with the fashion world and is a celebration of form, colour and style.

Poppy adds, “it was an amazing time for me, to see my paintings feature amongst a select few of my favourite fashion illustrators from across the world, it was incredibly special and both a personal and professional high”.

Inspiration comes from a myriad of sources for Poppy, including atmospheric films that play with the concept of mood, and the underlying theme of loneliness and grandeur, quoting films directed by Sophia Coppola and Wong Kar-Wei, as her favourites. Poppy is drawn to Georgina architecture, period frescos, dramatic interior-scapes and women’s faces/expressions for her subjects, with particularly inspiration coming from the pages of VOGUE and the dresses of Valentino.

Speaking on the role colour plays in her illustrations and inspiration, Poppy commented, “I find interior design to be one of the most powerful ways to view and express colour, I love the imaginative combinations of colour expressed in homes/buildings. Also, for me, make-up (particularly for the eyes) is also a form of communicating mood and expression through colour. I follow quite a few make-up artists and refer to fashion editorials for ideas.”

When asked what creativity meant to her Poppy simply and poignantly said “acting on your emotion, intuition and communicating something that is personal and meaningful to you but not forgetting the fun.”

We could not more accurately describe Poppy’s work, imbued with fun, colour and passion she is one of our favourite illustrators, bringing to life the colour in our lives and illustrating the beauty.

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