Our Silver Lining Wreath

A Collaboration with Silverlining Furniture –

The Taylor Howes and Silverlinings ‘Silver Lining’ Wreath serves as a poignant reminder that Christmas is not a time nor a season, but rather a state of mind.  This year the Taylor Howes team wanted to reinterpret the traditional laurel wreath to create something beautiful and unique but more importantly to evoke feelings of hope and positivity after what has been a difficult and trying year for many.

Ten of the UK’s biggest names in the design and luxury world – including Kit Kemp, Martin Brudinizki Design Studio, Taylor Howes Designs and Phillippa Craddock, to name a few – have created one-off Christmas Wreaths to raise funds for children’s mental health charity Place2Be.

This year Taylor Howes designs collaborated with Silverlining’s to create the beautiful ‘Silver Lining’ wreath. Rooted in sustainability the wreath is a natural timber wreath consisting of a mix of timber veneer laurel leaves made from offcuts from the Silverlining studio. Within the wreath sits a single sterling silver leaf which represents the silver lining that we all need to look for at this time.

It was important for us to use a laurel leaf not only because of its beautiful shape and form but more importantly due to its symbolism. A laurel leaf is an evergreen and from a symbolic point of view, evergreens represent the continuity of life and nature. They remind people that spring and new growth will soon come. The wreath is also said to represent the wheel of the year, in recognition of the fact that the darkness and cold of winter will eventually fade away.

This Christmas, we hope our silver lining wreath serves as a reminder that the unprecedented and difficult times we find ourselves shall pass and we should hold on to this as our silver lining.

“Our idea this year was to re- interpret a traditional Laurel wreath which was seen in ancient Greece as a symbol of victory, honour and peace. Nowadays laurel leaves are seen as a symbol of peace and are known for their bright, sweet scent, which is uplifting to the senses and can promote confidence and courage. Laurel can also help with feelings of distress and sadness and supports a healthy respiratory system. This couldn’t be more appropriate for the times we are living in. With the unrivalled craftsmanship and collaboration with Silverlining , we thought we could play on their name of the wreath having a “silver lining” which we all need to look for at the moment” – Jane Landino, Design and Creative Head of Studio, Taylor Howes Designs  

“Having had some personal experience of mental health issues in my family this charity jumped out at us. We have to erase the stigma of mental illness. Especially this year when so many proms, parties, holidays and many other celebrations have had to be cancelled, our young people need support more than ever. It’s also very difficult to say no to Karen and the great group of people at Taylor Howes!” Jason Chadda, Director, Silverlining Furniture.

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