On the Sofa with Hatta Byng

Welcome to our ‘On the Sofa’ series in which Founder & CEO of Taylor Howes, Karen Howes interviews key people within the British Interior Design, Property and Luxury sectors to gain some insight into their world. In this weeks episode Karen interviews Hatta Byng, Editor in Chief of House & Garden.

It’s strange to think we have nearly made it through this year – perhaps the weirdest year any of us have ever encountered. And yet, despite the turmoil and unexpected adaptations we’ve had to make over the last twelve months, we feel able to look back with refreshed eyes.

We’ve learnt a lot – not least how to function Zoom – on both personal and professional levels. Like all companies, Taylor Howes Design has learnt how to create beautiful interiors from a distance; we’ve learnt how to collaborate with our teams from our own homes whilst maintaining a sense of creativity and discovery that’s so important for designers.

Publications and online content makers have been our creative refuges; safe and clean spaces for us to spend five minutes gobbling up inspiration or taking a breather from the never ending Teams meetings – they have become lifelines in a cut-off world.

In this episode of ‘On the Sofa’ we are delighted to be joined by Hatta Byng, Editor in Chief of House & Garden magazine, which has seemingly embraced the new normal and created multiple outlets for all to safely enjoy world-class design. Today we sit with Hatta to review the past year and determine our highs and lows and how we can take what we have learnt into a brighter 2021.