A rare talent with true entrepreneurial vision

The soul of Taylor Howes is echoed in the originality of craftsmanship, inventive techniques and human empathy, all inspired by the studio’s founder Karen Howes, who has challenged the way interiors and product design is seen and practiced for over twenty-five years.

Karen’s own story began with a passion and a dream. Under her leadership as Chief Executive and Founder, the company today has cemented itself as one of Great Britain’s leading design studios, with a thriving creative team of thirty-five, based in the heart of London’s fashionable Knightsbridge.

The DNA of Taylor Howes is very much Karen’s own vision: a positive, approachable, and refreshing energy. Having developed a strong team of directors’ Karen acts as the ‘first client’, reviewing, editing and ensuring exacting quality.

A member of the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design), Karen is a great champion of the interior design profession, committed to her role as a guest lecturer at KLC School of Design. As an established entrepreneur, Karen is also co-founder of Chelsea Harbour-based interior design firm, th2 Designs.

Through her passion for business as well as design, Karen established professional network, Business of Design in 2017; a forum where thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business people from design-led brands and industries interact with the aim of advancing knowledge and ideas, connect and collaborate.