Country & Town Interiors

Brand Story –

We are delighted to have been included in the company profiles in the Country & Town House Interiors Book.

Founded in 1993, Taylor Howes now has more than 1,000 projects worldwide to its credit. Since 2016, it has been based at the former Tesla and Aston Martin garage in Knightbridge’s Cheval Place, now handsomely refurbished. Founder and chief executive Karen Howes is the animating spirit of the practice, which employs 30 people. The soul of the practice is echoed in its ‘true design for living’ approach: Karen believes that the team’s job is to inject the wow factor while also ensuring that the way a home feels is never sacrificed for the way it looks.

The Taylor Howes style signature tends to be a bold and playful use of colour and pattern, which is something the practice tries to bring into all its projects. Ultimately, however, it’s about responding to each and every brief in an individual way: no two projects are the same, and neither should the design be. The aim is to get into its clients’ heads and create something that is both completely unique and right for them and their everyday needs. ‘As a design studio we pride ourselves on the fact that all our projects are as personalised as a piece of art or couture,’ says Karen.