Chateau Denmark

Denmark Street, Soho

Taylor Howes introduces “polished punk” to Soho’s iconic Denmark Street in a new hospitality concept, Chateau Denmark part of the immersive media district Outernet Global. Inspired by Denmark Street’s iconic history, Chateau Denmark will open on 4 April 2022 mixing creative expression with fine architectural detail. The new and independent brand is set across 16 buildings, with 55 Session Rooms and Apartments, with each distinct design narrative reflecting each building’s history while dialling into the rebellious spirit of Soho.

Expect the Unexpected at Chateau Denmark

Inspired by the birthplace of the British music scene, Chateau Denmark will boldly reflect Denmark Street’s best loved sentiment; creative expression and escapism. The street, well documented in history, is where The Rolling Stones recorded their first album, Jimi Hendrix often frequented, the Sex Pistols once lived, Chrissie Hynde spent time and of course where many believe, Ziggy Stardust was born.

The Taylor Howes team curated four distinct design narratives, each one is inspired by strands from the buildings’ history and the street’s musical background. Fine materials, modern craftsmanship and traditional artisan techniques merge to create bold and playful interiors.  Keen to foster and celebrate the street’s reputation for creating originals, the Taylor Howes team were led by founder, Karen Howes and creative head of studio, Jane Landino. The team sourced antiques and commissioned bespoke furniture and statement pieces as well as working closely with local UK suppliers to ensure Chateau Denmark not only seamlessly compliments the lasting legacy of the street, but also sets it on a journey for tomorrow.

Back to Mine

Echoing the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of those who have influenced Chateau Denmark’s narrative, some Apartments and Session Rooms showcase a ‘Bar-throom’, creating a talking point and unusual place for guests to gather and party with friends. A full timber-fronted bar with red marble bar top and glamorous brass gantry creates a focal point to the bathroom whilst a free-standing tub is elevated on a raise blood-red marble plinth, making it the most luxurious – and unusual – place to soak.

Design Narratives

As a wholly unique design intent, the rooms have four distinct narratives, best described as a figurative journey through Denmark Street’s prolific days. ‘Vintage Gothic’ captures a particular charm and presents dramatic intrigue, while ‘Timeless Grandeur’ offers an opulent and indulgent Victorian-era aesthetic. ‘Modern Psychedelia’ brings 60s and 70s London to life through texture, finishes and striking palettes. ‘Punk Now’ is a modern interpretation of the raw, anti-establishment movement, presenting the irreverent side of being far less than authoritarian.

Chateau Denmark is a complex of session rooms and apartments that reinvigorate the neighbourhood’s rich tapestry of hedonistic behaviour, tantalising creativity and palpable excitement – a true once in a lifetime offering.