Meyrick Hotel

Galway, Ireland

The brief was to update one of Galway’s historic hotels and create a more desirable and youthful appeal for the main reception, lounge, bar and restaurant.

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Designing hospitality

The design journey for the boutique hotel uses a dramatic monochromatic base to connect the common areas; ebony joinery, high gloss black lacquer and statement walls in charcoal. Pops of colour were used to create individual schemes. Pale to deep gold and citrine textures bring warmth, intimacy and comfort to the lounge. Chinese red and luxurious chinoiserie fabrics add a touch of drama and theatricality to the dining room. The sporting heritage of Galway was introduced through individually commissioned pieces of artwork for the owner.

The result is a welcoming place to have a coffee and retreat from the crowd over lunch, whilst in the evening, the design caters for a buzzy atmosphere.