Epping Forest

Taylor Howes was tasked with restoring this Grade II listed Manor House in the heart of Epping Forest. With a hugely passionate client, intent on celebrating the history of the property and integrating personal touches throughout, this project was completely unique. The client brief was that each room have a different theme, in keeping with the history of the house.

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Situated within the former hunting grounds of Henry VIII, with a hunting lodge on the estate, the dining room is an ode to the property’s role in history. moss green walls, antique chairs and bespoke murals celebrate the heritage of the space and its once decadent past as a host to king henry’s hunting parties.

A True Celebration of History

History is entwined into the very fabric of the building, the house was once owned by Sir Admiral Cockburn, who most notably took Napoleon to St Helena, where he died. Informing the design brief and the integrity of this project were the clients amazing antique pieces, such as the two antique globes in the living room and the inlaid marquetry chess table. The overall conceptual direction for the home was “The Grand Tour”, a time when travelling yielded exciting discoveries and people would return home with curiosities, fabrics, spices, teas and exotic goods never seen before.  The ceiling mural design in the living room depicts the ships under Sir Admiral Cockburn’s charge and the journey of Sir Admiral Cockburn and Napoleon sailing to St Helena. The theme is carried through to the chinoiserie bar room, which comprises of singerie murals and joinery by Clive Christian Furniture Co, with custom marquetry.

The Formal Study, brought to life with clive christian furniture Co. joinery, combines antiques from the clients personal collection and rich velvets in jewel tones.